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Posted by Grogan, Thu Dec-13-01 09:17 PM
One time, using the Linux tools and both Rockridge and Joliet extensions for the filenames (All horrible long filenames with spaces and crap...every file) I burned some 690 + Mb of files to a Verbatim 700 Mb DatLifePlus CDR disk.

bash-2.05$ du -s /mnt/cdrom
711431 /mnt/cdrom

Value is in kilobytes. I was kicking myself for not doing a test burn (-dummy mode, it's called in my software), thinking for sure I was going to make a coaster as it was displaying progress, but nope! There must have been extra space on that disk. I can't believe how much data I crammed on it.

I don't think I'll try my luck again like that, without testing first though.