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Topic subjectStorm damage ...internet slow???
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510, Storm damage ...internet slow???
Posted by guest, Fri Dec-14-01 02:39 AM
Since we got a 105km/h wind/thunder storm here, the internet has been slower then before and I connect at 49.(something)k instead of 50.666. Right now I'm connected at 45.333 which is very slow. I don't know how 28.8k people survive on the net:). The other day I connected at 30.(something)k which renders my computer useless for the net since everything is so slow that it comes to a halt. This is since the storm ever came. This storm did knock down a few power lines that I know and a whole street light is still hanging off a very small wire close to my house, that could be dangeraus:). Someone walks and the wire snaps ...bang. Last time we had a storm similar to this, my dad seen a tent flying accross the backyard! Seriously! And one of our trees fell, the one we where thinking, of cutting down.
So would this slow connection be because of the storm? And will it go back to normal? Or should I contact my isp? Thanks