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Topic subjectNetworking & Sharing - how to do it?
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565741, Networking & Sharing - how to do it?
Posted by therube, Tue Dec-04-18 05:12 PM
Networking & Sharing.
Windows Networking & Sharing.
(I've always hated, never understood, Windows networking, but I've always worked my way through it. Till now...)

A "simple" small network (LAN).
A mix of computers, desktop & laptop, a mix of OS, XP, 7, 10.
A mix of OS versions, "home", "pro".
Two networked printers & a networked NAS.

All I want to do is to have all the computers be able to see one another & be able to move files back & forth between them.

I don't care if a login is needed or not.
I don't care if I have to set up multiple accounts on each machine so that I can get in from another machine.
I really don't care if they are "wide open", i.e. where "everything" is accessible to other machines on the network.
(I'd think it better that "everything" is not accessible to the Internet ;-).)

I don't like or use "MS" concepts, like, oh, what is it, "home groups" or something like that.

Never understood the "categories" of file sharing; Private, Guest or Public, All.

Similarly I've never known which I should be using or the settings to set in there?

Before (before some new box purchases), before, before with a mix of XP & Win8->Win10, everything worked, "enough". All machines see all the other machines. Some machines may be "totally" open, others maybe only particular directories accessible. Login may or may not be required. In any case all worked.

XP can connect to 10-1, & see & access EVERYTHING.
(Not sure how I accomplished that?)
XP can connect to 10-2, & see some.
(Not sure how I accomplished that?)
All machines can connect to XP, & see & access all.

Now this new (HP) desktop box, Win10 Home. I have been "setting" this up, exploring it...
(I hate it, 10.)

XP, I see the "computer", but I cannot browse it?

\\HP is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this resource. Contact the administrator to find out if you have access permissions.

The specified network name is no longer available.

(Not sure what that last line means?)

XP, I can see 10-1 & 10-2 & do all that I need.
(They are 10 Pro, if that matters.)

10-1, 10-2, can see HP, can browse its directories, but cannot copy file to it or create new directories? A login may or may not be requested.

Oh, Win10 & its dropping of network protocols (or some such)? (Master browsers & what not.)

Got me on that.

HP is at 1803, currently. Other 10's may be at different version levels (& that too is a total bunch of crap, but that is an entirely different story, though possibly part of the problem as every Win10 version has its own set of "features" *bugs*).

On HP, I have shared "C:" & also C:\TMP.
(I now C that C only had Read permission & that might explain the other 10's being able to browse but not write. But that also does not explain why XP cannot even see HP yet it does see the other 10's).

What am I missing? (Why does this need to be so difficult?)

From XP, I can \\Howard, & see that machine.
From XP, \\Neil, the HP machine, says, "(64) The specified network name is no longer available."