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565742, RE: Networking & Sharing - how to do it?
Posted by therube, Tue Dec-04-18 05:24 PM
On HP, I have shared "C:" & also C:\TMP.
(I now C that C only had Read permission & that might explain the other 10's being able to browse but not write. But that also does not explain why XP cannot even see HP yet it does see the other 10's).

Looks like I've got that part worked out - from the other Win10 machines.
Changed the permissions, adding Full & Write.

Now, I need to get XP to see HP?

I'll note that along the line, I lost the (LAN) network totally.
No clue how that happened, it did have to do with HP, but all machines stopped seeing anything (except for the Internet).
Shutdown ALL devices. All printers, disconnected the NAS. Shutdown the switch, unplugged all from the router...

Then started 1 computer, XP, plugged in the network cable, plugged that into the router. Plugged in another, made sure the one was talking to the other. Plugged in another, made sure all were talking to one another...