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565745, RE: Networking & Sharing - how to do it?
Posted by therube, Wed Dec-05-18 04:03 PM
Yes they are.

(Previously, prior to HP, that machine, a WinXP, did have a different "Workgroup" name - different from all the other machines, which were all the same. Nonetheless, except for having to "browse" for it separately, there were never any issues.)

Oh, Win10 & its dropping of network protocols (or some such)? (Master browsers & what not.)

That related to,

Screenshot in that link too.
At the time, NEIL, what is now HP, what was then an XP machine, was shown as 'Master Browser'.

Currently, NetBScanner does not show any 'Master Browser'.

Though everything works, at this point, with all machines connecting being able to access one another - except for my XP machine connecting to (it can see it, & only to) HP (which is Win10 Home 1803, currently).

I'll note that along the line, I lost the (LAN) network totally.
No clue how that happened, it did have to do with HP, but all machines stopped seeing anything (except for the Internet).
Shutdown ALL devices. All printers, disconnected the NAS. Shutdown the switch, unplugged all from the router...

When that happened, as I was starting machines back up, I (WinXP) was initially 'Master Browser'. But once all the machines were up, that designation no longer showed.



MaintainServerList, from Auto to Yes, made no difference.
(IsDomainMaster was already there & set to YES.)