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565746, RE: Networking & Sharing - how to do it?
Posted by therube, Wed Dec-05-18 05:54 PM
Maybe it is not: Networking or Sharing, but rather Security?

I'll note that HP, 1803, still has "HomeGroup" - whatever that is, that has since been removed from later versions of Win10.

All the Win10 machines have IPv4/IPv6 IP's.
XP machine only has IPv4.

How, 10, is using Private sharing profile.
She, 10, is using Guest sharing Profile
HP, 10, is using Private.

Network Discover is ON in all cases.
File & Print sharing may be ON or OFF.
Public Sharing may be ON or OFF.

Added EVERYONE with (at least) read-write permissions to C: (& below /it did say that would be dangerous/) but that did not help with XP connecting to HP!

Something about "Credentials". Said to Remove them or some such.
No idea what Credentials are, what they mean or how or why they got there.
Some meaningless to me entry was there, & I simply removed it.

No difference.