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565748, RE: Networking & Sharing - how to do it?
Posted by therube, Thu Dec-06-18 05:59 PM
Tried a different XP computer, same deal.
It can connect to everything - except for HP.


Reinstalled Windows (10, 1803, 17134.407) for the umpteenth time!
Early on prompt (during the initial setup) asked me about sharing, I said yes.
After that, did nothing more but change the Computer Name & Workgroup (to the same Workgroup as all the rest of the computers).

Created a directory, C:\TMP.
Right-click, Share with (or some such), Everyone & set Full access.

\\localhost shows that it is shared.

Once again, XP can see HP, but when I try to actually access it, "\\HP is not accessible...".

A different Win10 was also able to see HP, but too was unable to actually access the share until I added a Password to my HP User Account. That done, I copied a file from different Win10 to HP.

But XP to HP is still FAIL.


Install Windows (10, 1809, 17763.168).

No change.

(Win10 takes forever to install. Win7, I can install in a flash. 10 took hours.)


Just some stuff to look through in the morn...