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565749, RE: Networking & Sharing - how to do it?
Posted by therube, Fri Dec-07-18 05:57 PM
No matter what, I cannot get (multiple) XP to connect to HP.
XP sees HP, but cannot actually connect to it.
XP can see & can connect to all other machines; XP, Win7 Ult, (other) Win10 (Pro's as the case is).
HP can see & connect to all other machines including XP.
It is only HP, Win10 Home, where XP cannot connect to.


\\HP\TMP, fail

NetBIOS over TCP/IP, enabled
Computer Browser service, running
File and Print Sharing, installed

Firewall, disabled
Defender, disabled

Set up a new connect on XP

Function Discovery*, running
SSDP, UPnP, running
DHCP, automatic
DNS, automatic
CIFS, enabled

Advanced Sharing, every which way and loose

IPv6, enabled or disabled

Remove McAfee (comes preinstalled)
Rebooted, Rebooted, Rebooted
Safe Mode with Networking

Reinstalled Windows, multiple times
Updated from 1803 to 1809, automatically & forcibly


I've started a thread at,