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565816, Cortana
Posted by bobbo, Tue Jan-15-19 10:17 PM
Cortana is PITA!! I have configured my mouse controls to open Start menu by clicking on control #4. Lately when I click for the start menu, cortana pops up when I don't want it. I have updated my mouse settings, but still don't always get the Start Menu, but Cortana. I almost never use Cortana. but want it to be available on my control.

565817, RE: Cortana
Posted by bobbo, Wed Jan-16-19 07:36 PM
Made some adjustments in Firefox, and now only get Cortana about half the time.
Update: To my chagrin, I failed to click on "add FireFox addin". Now all is working well. Thanks for your patience.

565818, RE: Cortana
Posted by jbmcmillan, Thu Jan-17-19 01:19 AM
Sorry I couldn't help Cortana is the first thing I disable as I find no use for it personally.
565819, RE: Cortana
Posted by bobbo, Thu Jan-17-19 04:29 AM
I agree, Cortana just takes up space. Will look into disabling it.

565826, RE: Cortana
Posted by bobbo, Fri Jan-18-19 06:41 PM
The upgrade I added to my MX Revolution mouse added some features that were unnecessary and changed the way my mouse worked. Deleted the upgrade and went back to the previous version which works the way I prefer.