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565895, Cradlepoint Router
Posted by Kaos, Wed Feb-27-19 01:17 PM
I have moved to a rural area and setup a camera system in our barn. I need access to the cameras remotely and satellite isn't an option for port forwarding. Fortunately there is Verizon cell service I am able to get with external antenna.
I came across this Cradlepoint CBA750V2 Router with a MC200LE-VZ Verizon Modem and it works well with the signal. I am able to connect to the internet, but I cannot figure out how to setup port forwarding on this with my Blue Iris software. I was hoping someone here may be familiar with the setup.
I did find the Cradlepoint Manual, but it doesn't mention port forwarding, at least not in those terms.
Thanks for any help.