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Posted by arr2dee2, Sun Mar-03-19 03:56 AM
It's possible the forums on howardforums or dslreports might have the answer, or even Reddit. Lots of people have similar setups. I'm prepping for high winds, well below 0, having baby calves, so up all night, or I'd research myself.

I've never had access to cable or DSL, had satellite for years, 7.5gb download, 2.3gb upload monthly cap. Had that until almost '13. Then I switched to Millenicom, which was 20gb on Verizon. Then a regional cell carrier averaging 2.5 meg down until this November when this Verizon plan was released. Much better than the postpaid plans, nice having unlimited internet for a change.

Viasat community forum, they changed the terms of older plans, trying to force people off to new plans with less data. Paying $150 per month for 150gb, now, some people reporting less than 1 Meg down, some literally as slow as dialup, while under their cap. Lots of people switching to cellular (who can get a signal).