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Topic subjectRE: Cloning Folder and File Discrepancies
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565940, RE: Cloning Folder and File Discrepancies
Posted by Pcqandaman, Tue Mar-26-19 06:24 PM
Mmm, that's odd since I thought cloning was a sector by sector copy.
What did you use for cloning?
Some software uses an Intelligent Copy such as Macrium Reflect but I didn't know this was the default.
Plus I would have thought the ssd would have been a lot smaller if it had done this.
But I don't know much about what it does actually copy.
From Macium Blog - Intelligent sector copy - Copy only file system sectors/clusters that are in use. This reduces the time to create the clone as unused file system clusters are not copied.

If the process went with no error messages I think I would trust it to be OK.
You could always try it and if there was a problem put the HD back.