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Posted by Pcqandaman, Tue Apr-02-19 08:37 AM
Make sure you understand the limitations of the Chromebook:
- It runs Chrome OS, not Windows.
- It requires a Gmail account.
- It doesn't have a hard drive, all of your data is stored on Google's servers.
- All apps come from the Google Play Store.
- I don't think it will connect to a printer via USB, it has to be via network connection either to a printer that supports Google Cloud Print directly or via a Windows (probably Mac too) computer that is running Google Cloud Print client and has a connection to a printer.

If you ONLY use your computer for web based stuff, a Chromebook may be a good option for you.

P.S. - If I'm wrong about any of these points please correct me.
You've put me off getting one anyway!!
Not that I would buy one. :--)