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Posted by makaiguy, Wed Jun-05-19 09:06 PM
So it sounds like you're happy with your speed to the house, but would like to increase your speed over wifi.

You might be getting interference from other nearby wifi users who are using the same channel. If so, you may be able to switch your router to using a less congested channel.

For 2.4GHz setups, channels 1, 6, and 11 aren't overlapped by other channels so they are often the best choices for limiting interference, but as a result they tend to be the most used as well. Try to avoid channels with lots of other users and strong signals.

There are a number of apps you can run that will show you the all the nearby competing nets trying to use which channels. I use a free app called Wifi Analyzer on my Android phone and tablet. There's also a Windows version and possibly other versions as well.

Here's an article about the Windows version:

Also make sure your wifi network is password protected to keep neighbors from connecting to your system and sucking up your wifi bandwidth.

If those hints don't give you sufficient improvement, another option, if running an actual ethernet cable from the router to the computer is out of the question, would be to use your house electrical wiring to carry the signal. For this you use an ethernet connected device plugged into an outlet near your router and its companion device plugged into an outlet near your computer. Here's an article about this concept: