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Topic subjectMicrosofe Solitaire Collection problem
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566001, Microsofe Solitaire Collection problem
Posted by bobbo, Fri May-17-19 07:52 PM
I have fairly unique problem that has caused considerable complications. I had been playing the Microsoft Solitaire Collection for quite a long time, but after a Win 10 update a while ago, I wasn't able to log in to the game. I believe I made a change regarding Xbox that caused the problem and I can no longer access it on my regular Win 10 platform.
I found that by logging in as Administrator, I could once again play the game, which caused another problem I'll discuss in another post. I found the game info in the Registry. Is there something I can change to make it available on the regular Win 10 platform? Here is what I found in the Registry:

The statement "HasFiredSigninEvent" might be the problem. Can it be corrected?

566002, RE: Microsofe Solitaire Collection problem
Posted by Ttech, Fri May-17-19 11:57 PM
No clue about your problem, but since you already dug into the registry why not see if you can fix it. Try changing the HasFiredSigninEvent key to 0 instead of 1. If it doesn't fix the problem, you can change it back to 1.
566003, RE: Microsoft Solitaire Collection problem
Posted by bobbo, Sat May-18-19 02:45 AM
Tried that, but no joy. I changed it to (0) and did a restart only to find my computer in the process of doing an update,... half an hour later after the restart I went back into the Registry and found the value back at (1) WTF. Worth trying again? BTW, It still works in Administrator mode. After changing the value to (0) and restarting, the value stayed at (O). The game doesn't start either way. Its back to (1).

In the Registry, the value choice is hexadecimal or decimal; does it make a difference?

566004, RE: Microsoft Solitaire Collection problem
Posted by Ttech, Sat May-18-19 02:37 PM
0 and 1 are the same in hex or decimal so it doesn't matter in this case.