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566013, RE: Big Win 10 updates
Posted by KJT, Sun May-26-19 07:39 AM
Yesterday I updated from 1809 using the Windows 10 Update Assistant download. It took most of the afternoon/early evening to complete the update with several reboots.

This is what I’ve observed so far -

Old ms games no longer work – will need to find replacements.

Short cut arrows had returned – now gone again.

Hovering delay over taskbar items no longer settable through regedit settings even though the settings are unchanged from
when hovering was delayed - I haven’t found a solution yet for this annoyance.

“Classic start Menu” is still functional despite a popup that says it wasn’t compatible. So far, it is!

Edge Browser needed to be re-blocked by EdgeBlocker.

Login screen picture had been changed - now changed back.

Otherwise, I don't see anything significantly better/different from 1809.

I doubt I will roll back to 1809 just to get MS Games back - but one never knows.

Further updates, if any, as events warrant.


Edit- MS games are back - just had to reinstall using "Win7GamesForWin10-Setup.exe".