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Posted by GreyFalcon, Thu May-30-19 03:26 PM
I guess if you leave the box checked for an upgrade of your PC the ISO will be a lot smaller and still give you all the burning options. I download a new media creator for each new version and keep the DVD just in case there might be an OS problem before the next upgrade and chuck it along with the old Media creator. I have still never run into a problem with ISO size that I can think of. Maybe if you set it for another PC with all flavors of the OS and languages it could become a problem. I generally use DVD-R disks if I can find them 4.7GB but I have also used + disks in the past and then there is always duel layer but they are expensive in my book. Still keep a few around. I have never tried Blue Ray though I can burn them, way out of my ball park.