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Topic subjectRE: Altap Salamander 4.0 - Freeware
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566070, RE: Altap Salamander 4.0 - Freeware
Posted by therube, Tue Jul-02-19 03:55 PM
So you want a little update...

Salamander, always.
Mozilla (SeaMonkey, not FF)
Vim, still
LeechFTP, essentially no longer used - if I need FTP, I do it through Salamander
Locate long ago switched over to "Everything",
Eudora, still
Win32Pad, still
Compression, no GUI (except every so often through Salamander), otherwise only command-line, 7-zip or Arj (generally), less often, Zip (Info-Zip)
Renamer, varies, depending on needs, Lupas, still, otherwise Advanced Renamer or Bulk File Renamer
Media, MPlayer with MPUI's GUI
Net Transport, still
CLCL Clipboard, still
Password Corral, still (but more often simply a text file that I stick stuff into)
Otherwise, most of those utilities, devices, I no longer use

More recent regulars...

Process Hacker, always open
ChatZilla, chat client
Everything, always open
Salamander, always open
SeaMonkey, always open
command-line prompts, always open

Sysinternals & Nirsoft utilities
Duplicate files, AllDup & Duplicate Cleaner are the two best, IMHO
Sandboxie, not used on a regular basis, but when checking out unknown programs...
(Sandboxie fairly recently was picked up by Sophos, I think it was, & they seem to be in a total state of utter disarray, & I have no confidence in them now.)
Unix, any number of gnuwin32 Unix utilities