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566079, Thank you
Posted by randybedore, Tue Jul-09-19 07:12 PM
Thank you to all who have contributed your knowledge over the years. You have been my greatest teachers.

Updated from 7 to 10 and my HP combo unit could not be seen. Much googling about, and tried several laborious fixes, but finally got it with a more simple fix.

The point is, I would not have be able to do the research and attempt the fixes were it not for the years of experience provided by PCQANDA.
566080, RE: Thank you
Posted by therube, Mon Jul-22-19 03:50 PM
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Posted by smith_john, Sat Aug-17-19 12:06 PM
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566107, RE: Thank you
Posted by Red Squirrel, Sun Aug-25-19 02:00 AM
+1. I don't really post much these days but was here in the PC911 days. I was a typical bratty teenager back then but I have to say a lot of my computer knowledge originally was gotten from forums like this one and it's something I took for granted at the time. In fact I'm pretty sure PC911 was my first forum ever to actually participate in. If not the first, at least one of the first.

It's sad to see this place so dead now, but it seems forums in general are dying due to social media etc. In fact I was managing like 4 myself and wanted to combine them all into one and just got side tracked with that project and two of them are still defunct and have been for years. I really should get on that just to be able to put closure on that project. I guess knowing they will be dead kinda just put off my interest in it.

But yes for sure, thanks to everyone who has helped me back in the day even though I may had been frustrating to deal with sometimes. :P
566108, RE: Thank you
Posted by uffbros, Mon Aug-26-19 05:57 AM
I made a small fortune doing PC repairs....Now I get a handful calls a year. The cell phone took over for the most part. Kids use them and not PC's very much. Oh well...a sign of the times and technology.