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566089, Video Format Converter
Posted by wings515, Thu Aug-08-19 08:13 PM
I'm trying to help out a local Historical Society. They have an mp4 video of a reconstructed model of the Gravity Railroad. They would like to be able to use a DVD player to show this and not a dedicated PC.
I must have downloaded 6 different apps to do this and either they want lots of bucks or it does not convert the mp4 to a usable DVD format.

Can anyone suggest a free app to do this since I only have two files to convert. I am thinking the conversion should go from mp4 to MPEG 2 or 3. Am I correct and what would be the groups' suggestion?

566091, RE: Video Format Converter
Posted by nightlyreader, Fri Aug-09-19 05:18 AM
Give ImgBurn a try. I've used it for years.
566092, RE: Video Format Converter
Posted by wings515, Fri Aug-09-19 03:21 PM
When I tried to download imgburn my webroot malware detected a problem.
I opted to cancel the download.

Do you have any knowledge of problems with this app?

566093, RE: Video Format Converter
Posted by therube, Fri Aug-09-19 04:04 PM
"Burning" a .mp4 video file to a DVD disk does not make it a "DVD" movie.

It makes it a DVD that has had a .mp4 file burned to it.

So ImgBurn will not help in this case (unless you have a player that can play .mp4 directly, kind of thing).
566094, RE: Video Format Converter
Posted by therube, Fri Aug-09-19 04:08 PM
What applications have you tried?

In any case, you'll need something like from here:

"Authoring (DVD) software"

(I'm not familiar with any of them, or of the process...)

Some are old.
Some are current.
Some are pay, some free.

Read the reviews, visit the sites, see what you can make of it.

(Old is not necessarily bad. Ask me how I know ;-). Old could be sufficient for a task at hand.)
566096, RE: Video Format Converter
Posted by GreyFalcon, Fri Aug-09-19 07:04 PM
I just downloaded ( Express Burn and burned a .MP4 video to DVD. I would imagine depending on the size of the .MP4 It might take a while to burn, but it plays from DVD with the appropriate players and also my DVD player and TV. It is a free version wouldn't hurt to try and see what it looks like.