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Posted by therube, Thu Oct-03-19 05:37 PM
"Best" is in they eye of the beholder.

For XP, SeaMonkey, 2.49.5 x86.
(Probably the last thing out there supporting XP.

For Win7, SeaMonkey 2.53 x64.


When I need to actually "do stuff", get something accomplished - in a meaningful manner (as in while using my extensions) I use SeaMonkey.


When I'm farting around, visiting crap sites, when I don't care what happens, I'll use FF Quantum.

(Extensions on Quantum, webextensions, are a far cry from what "legacy" extensions were.)

Really not a whole lot differentiating anything "current" that is out there. So if you use Edge (Chrome Edge) that is, or Chrome or Firefox Quantum, you're not likely to notice any meaningful difference between them.

If you're into it, Firefox Quantum is still more configurable compared to Chrome. Likewise, again if they're meaningful to you, you'll find features in Quantum lacking in the others. (Even something as "simple" as Quitting & saving your session, & having that restore on browser startup.)