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566162, thumbs.db annoyance
Posted by Priscilla, Fri Oct-25-19 05:46 PM

Since Win7, and also Win10, I have had the annoying problem of not being able to delete the thumbs.db file - along with its directory - because it is in use by the system.

Back in Win7 days, I could add an image file to the directory, change the icon view and then delete the files.

Since Win10, this doesn't even work. I have tried all kinds of solutions found in the interweb, but none of these work on network directories.

I need to see thumbnails, I use them for image viewing to select. So, I don't want to just turn thumbnails off.

It annoys me that MS doesn't address this as it is a constant complaint in their forums for years. It's a big time waster when deleting large directories of photos.

Has anyone found a long-term solution to release thumbs.db from the system hold on NETWORK drives?