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Posted by daniell, Wed Oct-30-19 05:40 PM
I had a power supply blow taking out my video card several years ago on my Asus Sabertooth board. It would work on a low spec video card but nothing that required any additional power. Luckily both were still in warranty, but it caused some strange symptoms. I was afraid the motherboard had failed for a little while until I started pulling components.

Since the computer is more than 10 years old, I decided to build a new one. I am deciding whether to keep the present case. It is a Lian Li aluminum case. This is the problem. The plastic clips that hold on the front panel have cracked and no longer function. For a set of 4 with shipping will cost me about $20. Also, I want to add a USB 3.0 port. Maybe I should buy a new case. I hate to throw out something that was made so well.