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566217, Replacement PC
Posted by wings515, Wed Nov-13-19 03:25 PM
The ASUS I have is over 7 years old so its time for a replacement. Looking at what is available I have some question and request opinions from this very knowledgeable group.

My usage is mostly surfing and email. I don't do coding or game playing and my internet connection is a 3Mb DSL line.( UGGG)

First is there a "better" PC than others such as HP, Lenovo, Dell,
Acer? Should I need a DVD Burner? Is a 250 GB SSD better than a 1TB HDD?
Looking at an HP Elite, the DVD is read only, can I remove my DVD burner from my ASUS and replace the reader in the Elite?

Seems like I have a lot of questions for someone that works on PC's so much. Sounds like the mechanic that was asked what was the best car to drive? His answer was I don't know I only see broken ones!
Dan K.