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Topic subjectCoincidences do occur.
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566359, Coincidences do occur.
Posted by KJT, Mon Feb-17-20 01:09 PM
Back in October last year, following a Windows update, several strange anomalies developed with my Win 10 Pro.

Web pages would not scroll nor be dragged downward properly – trying either would move down a line or two but then immediately jump back to the top of the page.

I observed that the “Computer” shortcut icon on my desktop was either highlighted as selected when starting up, or would become highlighted if I clicked a blank area on the desktop. Pressing the down arrow key would move focus to another desktop shortcut icon. Once I did this, web site scrolling/dragging functionality returned and remained functional until I either shut down or put the computer to sleep.

However, attempting to put it to sleep would result in it immediately waking up as soon as the case fans stopped spinning. This was solved by disabling my wireless keyboard and mouse in Device Manager from being able to be used to wake from sleep as I had done years back when my cats were young to keep them from waking it up by walking on the keyboard or moving the mouse.

The keyboard also had a problem; I couldn’t type capital (large case) letters E and L and no ? (Question mark). All other keys
worked properly.

When awakened, a couple running programs would have to be stopped and restarted to resume functionality. Other running programs were fine.

Of course, I uninstalled the Windows update but the problems remained so I reinstalled it. I also did a repair installation of Windows but the problems continued. I tried a couple older AOMEI Backupper backups – without success.

I moved the keyboard/mouse desk set’s USB dongle but it made no difference.

Everything worked properly in Safe Mode.

I’m sure I tried a lot of other "fixes" which I can’t think of right now.

And, I lived with the problem using the workarounds.

Then a couple weeks ago I replaced a 60 watt (equivalent) bulb in my desk lamp with a 100 watt (eq) bulb. With the added brightness, I saw a quite messy keyboard. I’ve had this keyboard for at least 10 years and probably only wiped it off a time or two over the years.

So I gave it a good scrubbing, blew it out with compressed air, and popped off the E, L, and ? keys to clean beneath them. They weren’t overly dirty underneath but I gave them a good burst of air.

Once the keys were popped back in, the letters again typed as they should. And everything else returned to normal functionality, including the keyboard/mouse wake from sleep function – my cats are older now and don’t get on my desk very often any more.

So, the moral of the story is don’t eat at your desk, or alternatively, if you must, the next time you’re at your local pizzeria, be sure to say “NO ANCHOVIES PLEASE”. Those little devils can hide in the smallest cracks on your keyboard. :7