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566365, windows 10 admin password
Posted by mhiebert, Wed Feb-19-20 01:26 AM
I just instAlled Windows 10 home on my system and installed doom 3 and now it's askking me to please log in with admin privileges and a passordmis required and I never set a password for it now it says there is one . Do I Need to reinstall Windows 10 or can i get around this
566366, RE: windows 10 admin password
Posted by KJT, Wed Feb-19-20 02:07 AM
A Google search turned up others who are having the same or similar problems. Apparently there is a patch available for download to fix this. Visit - - to download it.

Google "Windows 10" + "Doom 3" to read the discussions.

And, that's all I know. :--)

566367, RE: windows 10 admin password
Posted by GreyFalcon, Sat Feb-22-20 02:52 PM
It is always a patch with older games. I found an old puzzle game CD for Microsoft's Pandora's box that my late wife used to play.I found some obscure patches and have it playing natively on Win 10. It was a Win 98 SE era game.