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Topic subjectError every time I turn on PC
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566383, Error every time I turn on PC
Posted by Lorraine, Tue Mar-03-20 09:33 AM
Each time I turn on or reboot my PC i receive an error message saying there is no email program = but I am using Windows 10 Email.
Can anyone help me stop it coming up becuse it's really annoying
Thanks Lorraine
566384, RE: Error every time I turn on PC
Posted by KJT, Tue Mar-03-20 01:05 PM
Forum member jkitc appears to be having the same problem - - as are others online. He didn't reply back if he found anything in the link I provided was helpful.

So, check the link in his post to see if anything is helpful to you.

If not, a workaround would be to manually use "sleep mode" when you leave the computer instead of shutting down. There's very little power usage, and everything will be ready as you left it almost instantly when you wake it up.

566391, RE: Error every time I turn on PC
Posted by Lorraine, Sat Mar-07-20 11:25 AM
Thank you KJT I tried following that link but didn't have that outlook entry in my Registry so couldn't try that. as for going into sleep sleep mode I'm not sure that will work as this error will show up several times during the day.
566392, RE: Error every time I turn on PC
Posted by KJT, Sat Mar-07-20 03:36 PM
You may be correct sleep mode might not work to stop the bootup message, but it's easy to try. Just put your computer to sleep and then wake it up to see if you get the message.

As for the message reappearing several times during the day, I don't have any real suggestion.

If you have someone who is really obsessive/compulsive, assign them the task of figuring it out. :7

When I run into something like this on my computer, until I am able to figure out the solution, I have a "button pushing" program that dispatches most popups, and a whole lot more, in a fraction of a second. But if you've never found a need for an automated button pusher, then this is probably not an option for you.