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Topic subjectRE: There's a new version of CCleaner
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566390, RE: There's a new version of CCleaner
Posted by KJT, Wed Mar-04-20 06:55 PM
I've given up on CCLeaner for now.

This popup opens when CCleaner is opened and cannot be removed except by closing CCleaner itself and CCleaner can't be run (unless minimized) because the popup covers the "Run Cleaner" button.

I'll probably fool with it again this evening.


Edit: After trying many combinations of settings and closing and opening CCleaner many times, the popup has disappeared.

I wish I knew what I did to eliminate it, so I could help anyone else having this problem, but I don't have any idaa. :rolleyes:

Edit 2: OK, figured it out. Deleting the Avast cookie is what triggers the popup. And, no the Avast cookies is not listed in either the "Cookies on Computer" or the "Cookies to Keep" lists within CCleaner>Options>Cookies.