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Posted by GreyFalcon, Thu Mar-19-20 01:49 AM
I imagine They did that for a reason. Check with Epson and see if they have an ink program from the company. I had a problem with my HP with the XL cartridges. The printer will not print if one of the four cartridges is empty. Refill at Costco the cheapest place to buy them is around $200.00. I was a little short for that expense a little while ago and stopped printing for a while, what a PITA. When I finally got the ink, my printer would not communicate with the computer even though it would print so I could not scan and Email .pdf files scanned directly from the computer, the reason I bought an office quality printer in the first place. I could not reinstall the software because it would throw an error. So I did what anyone would do, call HP support. HP support is now in India, however I did get a support agent who was extremely articulate and loved the picture of my motorcycle on my Home screen. He extended my warranty for a one time fix since mine was out of warranty since it was an office class printer. We could not get things done the first day, as I had an appointment so I was scheduled for the next day. He had gotten me thinking again during that session and I was able to fix the problem on my own. I kept the call the next day to thank him, he was very good and knew his stuff well enough to get me to light this old brain off so I could solve the problem. He was nice enough to tell me about the new HP Instant Ink program based on per page printing from $2.99-$19.99 a month for ink automatically sent to you. If you go over your page limit, they add $1.00 for another page allotment you have picked and send ink before you run out. The cartridges hold twice the ink of the XL cartridges. Any way I worked it out with my usage, This is the cheapest ink I have ever heard of. They get their cartridges back for refill and you always have ink that is affordable. All these companies compete so It is likely Epson is doing the same thing.