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Topic subjectLooking for a chrome book
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566420, Looking for a chrome book
Posted by Stevehiker, Wed Apr-08-20 06:07 PM
Chrome book or inexpensive notebook.
Mostly what I want it for is online yoga classes through zoom. I'm currently using my Tab A but it's hard to get it in a position so the instructor can see me. I'll probably also use it for Kindle and maybe watch videos. I'd like to keep it under $300 or lower if I can although would be willing to go a pinch higher if it's a go enough machine. I'm leaning toward Acer but I'm open to other suggestions. I had an HP notebook, which was fine for a lot of years. The biggest thing is to have a hinged monitor so I can move it's position throughout the class.
566421, RE: Looking for a chrome book
Posted by arr2dee2, Thu Apr-09-20 12:37 AM
Not what you asked, but I think you can connect some regular webcams to tablets, just need a USB adapter. Maybe. And depending, you might be able to screen mirror the tablet to a tv or something to see better.

Of course if you want a different device anyway, that doesn't matter.

Acer is ok, not great, same with Lenovo, and I've had luck with Dell. I've got an 11.6" Dell with full rotating screen, few years, no issues. I usually search Slickdeals when looking for something.

566422, RE: Looking for a chrome book
Posted by Stevehiker, Thu Apr-09-20 10:27 AM
I checked slickdeals out but nothing in my price range. The webcam setup I don't think is going to work well for me but thanks for the suggestion.
566423, RE: Looking for a chrome book
Posted by GreyFalcon, Sat Apr-11-20 01:20 PM
You can get swivel mounts for a tablet on a tripod. Fire 10 tablets work nicely with Zoom and are often on sale for $99.00. A 32GB 9th gen fire 10 can be had for $149.00 currently. If you have Prime it is easy to have them wave the $15.00 to remove special adds and you can install Google play following Corbin Davenport's ultimate guide with the Android Police so all files are fully vetted.
566424, RE: Looking for a chrome book
Posted by Stevehiker, Sat Apr-11-20 05:36 PM
Thanks, I'm going to look into the swivel mount on a tripod. I've been looking at Acer R11, Samsung chrome books, and Dell chrime books. The Acer R11 looks the best but it's more money than I want to spend right now. The Dells and Samsungs in my price range haven't had great reviews.