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566435, Monitor self test
Posted by daniell, Sat Apr-18-20 10:22 AM
My Dell monitor went into self test. I cannot figure out how to get out of it. I am hiding out from the virus. Turning it off doesn't help. Please help!
566436, RE: Monitor self test
Posted by KJT, Sat Apr-18-20 11:52 AM
I found this: Quote: "Built-in self test (BIST) can be run only when the video cable(s) is unplugged and the Dell monitor is in self-test mode.".

More information and other instructions here:

566437, RE: Monitor self test
Posted by jbmcmillan, Sat Apr-18-20 11:54 AM
If you check your cable and it's connected properly it might mean you have a video problem on your computer. Try and check on another computer.
566438, RE: Monitor self test
Posted by daniell, Sat Apr-18-20 02:33 PM
I unhooked everything then reinstalled the cables. Powered up the computer. It is now working. This is my backup monitor. My previous one failed a month ago. If I survive the virus, I want to buy a 32 inch monitor and finish building my new computer. Thus far I only have the case and the power supply. I rather minimize the boxes that I receive.

Thanks to all for your prompt replies.