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566442, bingmap
Posted by randybedore, Mon Apr-27-20 08:15 PM
What happened to bing map? I used it all the time, like the simple mapquest , etc, and now when I type it into google I get this complicated microsoft website?
566447, RE: bingmap
Posted by Ttech, Mon Apr-27-20 11:31 PM
You mean this?
566449, RE: bingmap
Posted by randybedore, Wed Apr-29-20 06:54 PM
YES! Thank you.
566450, RE: bingmap
Posted by KJT, Wed Apr-29-20 08:19 PM
How do you suppose Ttech knew where you live in order to provide you a link that opens right up to your general location? :+ :+ :+

If you're ever really, really bored, try the link using Tor browser. :7

566451, RE: bingmap
Posted by randybedore, Thu Apr-30-20 01:43 AM
I had no idea he did know. And, btw, why does it matter to you to say this? "where I live" wasn't part of my question. I do appreciate the suggestion. Just downloaded the tor installer.
566453, RE: bingmap
Posted by KJT, Thu Apr-30-20 06:04 AM
I was making a joke. Neither Ttech, nor I know where you live - as far as I know.

Bing mapping uses the location of your IP address to display a map of your general location when you go to the address that Ttech posted.

When I click that link, it shows my location, not yours, or Ttech's.

It's hard to predict the location that Tor will open - so you can get a lesson in world geography - when you are really, really bored.


566456, RE: bingmap
Posted by Bob G, Thu Apr-30-20 11:47 PM
So I tried it and it opens to Atlanta, which is weird, because it (the internet) usually thinks I'm in Chicago, which is weird, because I'm in neither.

(My internet is a LTE hotspot, so that's why, but I don't know the why of the why.)
566458, RE: bingmap
Posted by KJT, Fri May-01-20 12:05 AM
Tor is designed to do that.

I often end up in Germany, Austria (not the one spelled with a third "a" and an "l" added that's located in the Southern Pacific :rolleyes: ), Lichtenstein, or Switzerland - all of which have lovely scenery.

566459, RE: bingmap
Posted by Bob G, Fri May-01-20 04:24 AM
The Tor Server Tour :D You could sell tickets.