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Topic subjectDell ins.15 7548 SLOWER then slow
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566535, Dell ins.15 7548 SLOWER then slow
Posted by kittenmueller, Wed Jul-22-20 05:51 PM
I was given this as it runs so slow and I love to diagnose and fix. Well this thing Passes every test I can do, tweaked , cleaned, no malware, and it is truly the slowest thing I have seen in a long time.
Has 6 g Ram, I know i could do more but really, is it worth it??
1 t HD- I know SSD would be faster but really, cant be the issue for this turtle.
I have run Dell support assist test- all pass other then battery is total trash, but that is not the problem. Runs fine on plug in, battery has been ordered.
I have updated every driver. CCleaner, super anti spyware,, Glary utiities. Everything is clean.
ONly MIcrosoft security at startup, nothing else. CRazy!! The reviews are not bad on this.% yrs old really isn't that old! I have a dell That is older that runs perfect and it is not as good of a pc.
FRom all I can read this should be a good notebook.
ANY ideas???:rolleyes: