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566665, AHCI vs IDE
Posted by lenjack, Tue Sep-15-20 03:01 AM
This relates to my rebuild of my p67 mobo desktop, which was successful, with my ancient i5-2500k, oc'd to 4.0G, easily. I ran SSD Benchmark just to get some rough numbers. The numbers really didn't concern me, EXCEPT, it alerted me to the fact that that my SSD was running in IDE mode instead of AHCI. A check of the BIOS confirmed this. I was about to change this in the BIOS, when I seemed to recall from about 8 years ago, that when I tried to do the same, in the same situation, I was not able to boot. If I recall correctly, and I'm not at all sure of this, I think I had to make the BIOS change, and then reinstall Windows. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance.