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566670, checkdisk issue
Posted by lenjack, Sun Sep-20-20 09:01 PM
W10 Pro, all updates. Just tried backing up with Macrium Reflect free. It would not run and gave error message, asking to run chkdsk r. Did so, but upon trying again, received same message. Repeated tries, same message. Backup with Aomei Backupper Professional, runs fine.

Every bootup, I get 2 second screen message, that says,

Last week, I converted my W10 from IDE to AHCI, and perhaps that was an issue. My storage drive is a 2.5 inch Sandisk sata ssd, which has been trouble free, and Crystaldisk info shows no issues. Sandisk utility shows it has 94% life life left.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.