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Posted by GreyFalcon, Fri Oct-02-20 04:43 PM
Her problem was in Thunderbird where it showed up. It is a Windows 10 popup. At first I thought it was from Adobe Reader DC but as I poked around I realized it is Windows 10 probably Power Shell. The dialogue box is transparent or white with round buttons to choose Open or save. There may be a third choice at the bottom that I never used or paid much attention to. It is directly related to downloads of any kind. Download something and the option box should pop up unless you have changed it in Windows. I had always left it defaulted to download until I changed it trying to help my sister. I will reinstall windows If I can't find a solution to bring it back. My windows could probably use a refresh anyway but it may not fix it since it also saves files programs and settings. It is not important enough to do a clean install but bugs me to no end. Her problem in Email is that it opens the .PDF she wants to print but does not display the proper toolbars so she can get the printer box to open so she can choose fit to page. part of the .PDF sent from her Church is in a non standard format and it will not print the whole list unless she can select fit to page.