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566699, New build issue
Posted by lenjack, Wed Oct-28-20 12:50 AM
New comp is W10 home, 64 bit, 500G ssd, new mobo and memory. Old comp was W10 Pro, 32 bit, 240G ssd. I have the old drive installed in the new comp, with the thought I could boot from it, on an as need basis to copy some files, such as email addys, other documents, and the like. however, when I attempt to boot from it, it will occasional get to the desktop, but when I try to do anything with it, it will blue screen. Most times, it wont get to the desktop. It will simply blue screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm wondering if this is because one of the systems is 32 bits and the other 64.
566700, RE: New build issue
Posted by therube, Wed Oct-28-20 05:53 PM
I would expect (attempting to) boot a foreign drive put into a different, diverse system to be a hit or miss experience.

(Actually, in most cases, I'd expect Windows to automatically find, install, & "fix" incompatible drivers & such - at least to the point where it would boot, successfully. But maybe the architectures are just too diverse here?)

Anyhow, is there a particular need to boot from the old drive.
The drive is there, a slave, drive D: or E: or whatever, can't you simply copy from D: to C:...
566701, RE: New build issue
Posted by lenjack, Wed Oct-28-20 06:49 PM
Thanks. I'd like to. The old drive does show up as D, in "This PC", and I can open it, but I can't figure out how to find what I want.

For example: I use Thunderbird email, which I've installed in the new build. Tbird found my account, and configured it perfectly, BUT, the address book is blank, and I really need that. I found Thunderbird in the old drive, in Program files, but there are 81 entries, and not one to open it. Probably, one of these files, is the address book file. If I could find and open the address book file, I can open and copy it.

As far as not being able to boot from the old drive, before I did any of this, I used a third drive, an external backup drive, and did a universal restore, to the old drive, after it was installed in the new build, figuring this would obviate problems.

I'll deliver a 6-pak to the person who tells me how to either boot from the old drive and/or open the address book in the old drive.
566703, RE: New build issue
Posted by KJT, Wed Oct-28-20 10:06 PM
Maybe try physically disconnecting the new drive and then try booting the old one. If you're fortunate enough to make it to the desktop, maybe it won't blue screen.

566704, RE: New build issue
Posted by lenjack, Wed Oct-28-20 10:50 PM
Wow...I tried this a few times. Here's the problem. It's an M.2, and it's located under the corner of my hi-tech heatsink. I can do it, but it's a hell of a job, and the last time I tried, which was 2 days ago, it was blue screening. I almost need a double angled screwdriver to get at that tiny screw, which I'm afraid I'm going to lose, in the guts of the computer. I attached a magnet to the screwdriver, but it blocks my view.

Maybe someone knows the name of the address file in Tbird, since I can open the drive, and find the 81 Tbird files.
566705, RE: New build issue
Posted by lenjack, Wed Oct-28-20 11:04 PM
Also, does the boot problem have anything to do with the fact that the new build drive is GPT, while the old drive is MBR?
566706, RE: New build issue
Posted by KJT, Wed Oct-28-20 11:10 PM
I know nothing about Firebird, but a Google search turned up this at
It will be in this location: The backup may have a different profile name folder using different letters and numbers, but all should be the same on both bvackup and new computer. C:\Users\<Windows user name>\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\<Profile name>\

'profile name' folder is usually named 'xxxxxxxx.default' folder, where the x's are letters and numbers.

Image below shows location of .mab files. abook.mab is the default created 'Personal Address Book' history.mab is default created 'Collected Addresses' other *.mab files are ones you created.

You may need to make hidden files and folders visible.

566708, RE: New build issue
Posted by therube, Thu Oct-29-20 03:32 PM
See if there's anything in these parts:
566710, RE: New build issue
Posted by lenjack, Thu Oct-29-20 05:57 PM
Everything except the address book does import. Thanks.