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566701, RE: New build issue
Posted by lenjack, Wed Oct-28-20 06:49 PM
Thanks. I'd like to. The old drive does show up as D, in "This PC", and I can open it, but I can't figure out how to find what I want.

For example: I use Thunderbird email, which I've installed in the new build. Tbird found my account, and configured it perfectly, BUT, the address book is blank, and I really need that. I found Thunderbird in the old drive, in Program files, but there are 81 entries, and not one to open it. Probably, one of these files, is the address book file. If I could find and open the address book file, I can open and copy it.

As far as not being able to boot from the old drive, before I did any of this, I used a third drive, an external backup drive, and did a universal restore, to the old drive, after it was installed in the new build, figuring this would obviate problems.

I'll deliver a 6-pak to the person who tells me how to either boot from the old drive and/or open the address book in the old drive.