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566702, POP3 Emails on
Posted by Toots, Wed Oct-28-20 08:28 PM
Gmail stopped sending my POP3 emails on 9-16-20 after hurricane Sally blew up my street and knocked down all AT&T uverse lines and poles down. They are still down and ATT does not know when they will be repaired. So I have moved my internet to Mediacom. I hope to get Dish installed on 11-4.

During the down time I used my nephew's browser with a Hot Spot to surf the net. I tried my emails and this was a huge mistake. Gmail would not let me. Said my password was wrong. It was the same password since the account was made. I had another way to get into their server. It showed my emails but now way to get them to my computer. It asked me if I had tried to access my mail from Texas. I said yes but it did no good.

It is now asking me to change my security settings. Their are so many and I don't know how to answer them.

Will appreciate any suggestions or advise to correct this situation.

I thank you for all the help you give.

566707, RE: POP3 Emails on
Posted by therube, Thu Oct-29-20 03:28 PM
Not clear on what you're asking, & it probably isn't this, but...

In (ancient) Eudora (

Email address:
Authentication allowed: (yes)
Use relay_personality, if define: (yes)

Authentication style: Passwords

(Works on my end. For others, certainly could be set up differently, in particular depending on the mail client used.)
566709, RE: POP3 Emails on
Posted by Toots, Thu Oct-29-20 03:35 PM
Gmail has moved my email information on my C:// drive to Binaryoutcast.
What I am asking is how to get to restore my POP 3 email account.

566711, RE: POP3 Emails on
Posted by Ttech, Thu Oct-29-20 10:50 PM
Lets start with some basics. Can you go to with a browser and login with your email address and password and see your email messages?

I'm asking this to make sure that you actually have the correct password. If you can't login and see your email messages, then you need to reset your password via the website.
566715, RE: POP3 Emails on
Posted by Toots, Sat Oct-31-20 09:39 PM
Yes, I can go to my emails on either of my browsers. Gmail icon is shown on top of both browsers, I simply press and I am in. No request for user or password. But if I attempt to go there with my POP3 email client I have to type my user and password and gmail rejects is and said password is wrong.

I think they are refusing me is because I tried to access my mail while in a Hotspot which caused me to show an IP other than my own. I did not know this was a no no. Apparently the came back to me and asked if it were me and I was down because of the hurricane and did not see this or know of this. Now I cannot explain this to them because they do no allow you to contact them except by their worded statements on the site.

566716, RE: POP3 Emails on
Posted by GreyFalcon, Sun Nov-01-20 11:58 AM
I think the only option you have is to go through the forgot password routine for the POP3 account. Once they establish your identity again and you change the old password you should be back in business. You will have to answer that Email asking if it was you who was using it on that other IP address.
566717, RE: POP3 Emails on
Posted by Ttech, Mon Nov-02-20 01:44 PM
So the correct password is saved in your browsers. You should be able to retrieve it from the browser settings. Which browsers are you using?