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566702, POP3 Emails on
Posted by Toots, Wed Oct-28-20 08:28 PM
Gmail stopped sending my POP3 emails on 9-16-20 after hurricane Sally blew up my street and knocked down all AT&T uverse lines and poles down. They are still down and ATT does not know when they will be repaired. So I have moved my internet to Mediacom. I hope to get Dish installed on 11-4.

During the down time I used my nephew's browser with a Hot Spot to surf the net. I tried my emails and this was a huge mistake. Gmail would not let me. Said my password was wrong. It was the same password since the account was made. I had another way to get into their server. It showed my emails but now way to get them to my computer. It asked me if I had tried to access my mail from Texas. I said yes but it did no good.

It is now asking me to change my security settings. Their are so many and I don't know how to answer them.

Will appreciate any suggestions or advise to correct this situation.

I thank you for all the help you give.