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Posted by wings515, Thu Nov-26-20 04:18 PM
Happy Thanksgiving to all. I know this is a PC forum but maybe some one will know the answer.
My daughter-in-law gave me her ipad, a 32 GB. That's all I know of it. I was able to charge the battery and connect to my PC. The only screen I can get is one that states "The ipad could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable."etc.
This has been going on for months. I don't get back to this very often. She does not remember her login nor her itunes account information. I'd just like to reset this to original and wipe out anything that is in it. I don't want to establish an itunes account. If that is the requirement, then I'll just trash it.

566733, RE: Apple Help
Posted by jbmcmillan, Fri Nov-27-20 06:04 PM
Yeah not much you can do with those things without itunes. You can recover it but it needs an apple id.
566734, RE: Apple Help
Posted by Ttech, Sat Nov-28-20 03:07 AM
The message you are seeing doesn't mean that it needs an Apple ID and password... yet. Take a look at the steps below. If you restore the IOS onto the iPad and then get a message that it has an iCloud lock, you will need the correct Apple ID and password to proceed.