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566836, RE: Howw to remove log in name
Posted by therube, Mon Jan-25-21 04:52 PM
Are you just wanting to remove your name (like) from the Login screen?


Or are you wanting to remove your User Account from the machine altogether?

You can do that through "Family & other users" (what a convoluted morass Win10 is), I think. (I'd tell you how to get to that, but I'm not sure how other then to do that "Search" for User Accounts & then select the one that says "add, edit, or remove"... What a convoluted morass, I think someone mentioned.)

I'm not clear on the password situation, as in who has whose passwords, where - so keep that in mind.

Seem the "Users" screen (aka 'Family & other users') does not list the currently in use user account - which is stupid (but then, this is 10), but if you go to C:\Users\ that should show you each user account on the machine. Likewise if you go to Start, then that thing ? that looks like, eh, the topmost item, it will show the currently in use user, but if you click that users name, it will show other user names (above) it, that you could log in to. (Isn't that asinine!)

(I'm new to seeing Win10, & let me tell you, what an absolutely ATROCIOUS UX it is!)

If you did not "add" yourself as a User to her machine, but rather "changed" her name to yours, her name would persist (behind the scenes) & in that case, you would not see "yours".

(There is a hack for that type of situation.)