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566854, RE: Howw to remove log in name
Posted by wings515, Sun Feb-14-21 03:50 PM
Just got back to looking at this problem, using TeamViewer to remotely log in.
Here is what I found, I confirmed there is one log in name/password for the culprit web site on the password listing page of Edge.
I went to Accounts and there is only her account, additionally I dove down in the Registry to the Profile List and only her log-in was shown.
To recap, when she goes onto and wants to place an order both her and my email show up. She also has this occur on one other site when placing an order.
I did have her machine on my network while doing updates and I do also have a Chewy account.
Is it possible Chewy has my email associated with my IP address and also hers with her IP address?
One other piece of information, when I went to the password listing in Edge and tried to investigate/change her Chewy password, it would not accept the one she had written down in her paper log book. Since I could not open the 'Edit' function on the password listing, we can not determine what the stored password is.
Any thoughts on this problem?