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218116, Hello
Posted by ablib, Sat Mar-03-18 02:13 AM
As of this writing, the 3rd post down is from December of last year.

Very sad.

How is everyone?
218117, RE: Hello
Posted by dtellier, Sat Mar-03-18 04:05 AM
Doing OK over here. I am also saddened by the infrequent postings on both forums. I check in a couple of times each day, looking forward to hearing from others. I really wonder how Shelly is doing. I don't recall the last time he posted, but I think it was some time ago. I certainly hope he's OK.

In any case, glad to hear from you.

218118, RE: Hello
Posted by Jane, Sat Mar-03-18 05:20 AM
Good to see you both guys :--) and ditto . Where is Shelly and many others ? I also come here daily . Actually still keep this forum as my home page since PC911. Those were the days :evilgrin:
218133, RE: Hello
Posted by MSU, Fri Apr-06-18 01:30 AM
I've not posted in many, many moons. But do peek in regularly. Got fed up with the bickering in the OT forum and very few questions being asked in the computer side that weren't easily answered by others, plus time constraints. The lack of Shelly's presence has concerned me for quite some time. When this thread started I though he'd chime in. When he didn't I did some digging. What I found was saddening. Not 100% sure it was him (different town than I thought he lived in, but how many Sheldon Glick's can there be in Florida?) I hope I am wrong and he pops in to correct me.
218134, RE: Hello
Posted by dtellier, Fri Apr-06-18 04:54 AM
I certainly hope you are incorrect on this one. Please let us know if you find anything out about Shelly.

218119, RE: Hello
Posted by nightlyreader, Sat Mar-03-18 06:25 AM
Still checking almost daily. Believe some of the lack of posts is due to some posters continually inferring "I'm right, you're wrong, so screw you". Many of us civilized members get tired of it.
218120, RE: Hello
Posted by peterb, Wed Mar-07-18 01:51 AM
Hi Ablib:

This is a really sad situation. I've had to avoid this forum as it's been discovered that I have a brain injury from an incident when I was an infant. I tend to fly off the handle easily with some and only some of the self-righteousness that is expressed here. I also believe that the present political situation ( I don't want to take sides.) is breeding divisiveness and I avoid even discussing it on any form of internet forum. I also miss old admins that were driven away from this forum i.e. Grogan (Mike.) :( :( :(
218121, RE: Hello
Posted by GreyFalcon, Wed Mar-07-18 11:40 PM
I am quite enjoying the deafening silence. It got so nasty over on this side of the forum that any opposition position was ripped to shreds in very unfriendly ways. I find the News very entertaining these days, possibly the reason for the silence. However, if things don't pick up on the other side I fear the doors will close soon. Something important left with Grogan. I miss his expertise and his political incorrectness.
218122, RE: Hello
Posted by GreyFalcon, Thu Mar-08-18 01:40 PM
Peter I didn't intend to respond specifically to your post. I wasn't paying attention. I lost my wife near the end of January and I'm not operating on all cylinders yet. I'm sorry to hear about your condition. I suppose the only bright side is knowing the cause so you can change the outcome. Good luck to you. (I did it again. This time I meant to respond specifically to you. Oh well :blusher: )
218123, RE: Hello
Posted by peterb, Fri Mar-09-18 04:47 AM
Hello Roger:

No worries about your reply. My deepest condolences on your loss.

The deafening silence is a breath of fresh air indeed.I didn't mean to bash all the good mods when I mentioned Grogan either. I just remember what led up to him leaving and things just haven't been the same since. Mike was the very first person that I reached out to on the whole Internet for help with Windows 95 on my old 386 which was my first computer.Thanks for your feedback and caring regarding my condition.


218124, RE: Hello
Posted by ablib, Sat Mar-10-18 12:58 AM
I miss Grogan as well. And the banter. Speaking of banter, I hope my friend James is ok. And Shelly. If my searches are correct, Shelly hasn't even posted in 2018. That is absolutely unheard of from him.

Glad to see some life in this thread, though.

Take care, all.
218135, RE: Hello
Posted by jazz4free, Sun Apr-08-18 10:00 AM
Hey, Whipper! I'm hanging in there. Thanks for asking.
218138, RE: Hello
Posted by jbmcmillan, Sun Apr-15-18 11:42 PM
Hey, Whipper! I'm hanging in there. Thanks for asking.

Glad to see you bud.
218131, RE: Hello
Posted by nathanwilliam, Thu Apr-05-18 11:00 AM
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218132, RE: Hello
Posted by KJT, Thu Apr-05-18 03:00 PM
Your link doesn't work properly as posted. I could correct it in this reply - but I won't - as it appears to be SPAM.

218125, RE: Hello
Posted by miaryan, Mon Mar-12-18 12:25 PM
Greeting to all members. I am new here
218126, RE: Hello
Posted by Jane, Mon Mar-12-18 04:27 PM
Hello and
218136, RE: Hello
Posted by Scotterpops, Mon Apr-09-18 09:37 PM
I stop by once every two or three years like clockwork. The old winmag Windows 98 forum in 1998 was the greatest. Remember Xin Li and the gang?

;~* ... Scott Gilmore
218137, RE: Hello
Posted by MSU, Tue Apr-10-18 10:54 AM
Yep, absolutely remember them and those good old days.
218142, RE: Hello
Posted by Paul D, Tue Apr-17-18 04:56 PM

And every two or three years we say "great to see you again!"

Paul D
218146, RE: Hello
Posted by Bob G, Sat Apr-21-18 02:16 AM
Found this from 2002.

218147, RE: Hello
Posted by DaDwarfs, Sat Apr-21-18 03:00 PM
Oh what a difference 16 years make :o :o Love the pic.
It is interesting to see old (no pun intended) faces pop in here. I am here everyday because PCQ&A has been my home page for more years than I remember. It was an old 286 or 386, that I got for the kids that gave me lots of headaches that Tuff and someone whose name I don't remember helped me. But I learned basics of DOS.
Great seeing a little activity here. Still wish to hear something positive on Shelley.
Now I will go back into quiet mode ;)
218148, RE: Hello
Posted by jbmcmillan, Sat Apr-21-18 06:11 PM
It has been my home page for a very long time so it's the first thing I see every morning. Nice to see you around I wasn't part of the Winmag days but I think I joined here just after the switch and then there was another one from PC911? Jeez my memory is going.
218139, RE: Hello
Posted by Brian Smith, Mon Apr-16-18 06:16 PM
Hello, I am Brian Smith. I newly joined here.

218140, RE: Hello
Posted by jasonlevine, Tue Apr-17-18 02:24 PM
I'm still here. I'll admit I don't check in as often as I could, but life's been hectic. Beth's father had open heart surgery (quintuple bypass) a couple of months ago and now her 92 year old grandmother is dying. Her grandmother was diagnosed with ALS about 20 months ago. It's attacked her throat muscles the most. She slowly lost her ability to speak clearly, eat solid food, and (most recently) even take in water. She's on hospice care and at this point death is inevitable. She's losing 4-7 pounds a week and isn't taking anything in. It seems that she's surviving due to sheer force of will, but still that can only take you so far. We expect that she'll die within a couple of days.
218141, RE: Hello
Posted by Paul D, Tue Apr-17-18 04:55 PM

Jason, my deepest sympathy.
We're in a very similar situation. Gail's 90 year old mum has dementia (two different kinds) and after a recent fall has two crushed vertebrae. She too is slowly but inevitably slipping away from us, although it will be a few weeks yet.

Paul D
218143, RE: Hello
Posted by GreyFalcon, Tue Apr-17-18 09:58 PM
Jason try Boost and ice cream in a blender. It's thicker than water. I probably kept my wife going about a month longer that way. It won't change the outcome but it might make her more comfortable during the process.
218144, RE: Hello
Posted by jasonlevine, Fri Apr-20-18 07:39 PM
She was subsisting on ensure and thickened water for awhile. Now, she has no ability to swallow at all. She can squeeze a sponge filled with watermelon juice in her mouth and some will go down her throat, but a lot more will come out her mouth. (She wears a bib when she does this.) At this point, we're likely days, if not hours, away from her dying.
218145, RE: Hello
Posted by GreyFalcon, Fri Apr-20-18 10:43 PM
So sorry to hear that. It's hard on everyone, just hearing the sounds of the death process is very hard. All you can do at this point is hold her hand and let her know she is loved and hope she understands. She will be in a better place soon. If they gave you the gear shaped sponges on a lolly pop stick try that with the juice and twirl it on her tongue. It will help moisten and clean the tongue and make her a lot more comfortable and add some moisture in the process. That eased my wife a lot toward the end.