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218218, Getting Rid of the PO Box
Posted by jasonlevine, Thu Jul-12-18 03:25 PM
Years ago, when I first took over PC911 and we renamed it PCQandA, I opened a PO Box. The purpose of this was mainly to accept cash/check donations. I didn't want to publicize my home address on the Internet (for obvious reasons) so, if you didn't want to use Paypal, you could send us a donation to the PO Box.

I was looking over the donations for this year and last year. In this year's fundraiser, there was a single $10 mailed donation. The same was true of last year. The PO Box, meanwhile, costs $90 a year. As much as it'll be a pain to people who don't want to use Paypal to donate, I don't think paying $90 to accept $10 in donations is a good strategy. (I'm going to need to pay additional for domain name privacy, but that's only $5 a year.)

I'll be letting the PO Box expire (in August). This will let us reduce the fundraiser amounts by even more and stretch the funds we've already raised even further. In fact, if I don't renew the PO Box, we'll have enough funds to pay through December 2019.

Does anyone object to getting rid of the PO Box and going to only Paypal donations?
218234, RE: Getting Rid of the PO Box
Posted by therube, Fri Aug-17-18 06:55 PM
Check your PO Box - before you close it ;-).
(As in there should be something there from me.)