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Topic subjectGetting Rid of the PO Box
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218218, Getting Rid of the PO Box
Posted by jasonlevine, Thu Jul-12-18 03:25 PM
Years ago, when I first took over PC911 and we renamed it PCQandA, I opened a PO Box. The purpose of this was mainly to accept cash/check donations. I didn't want to publicize my home address on the Internet (for obvious reasons) so, if you didn't want to use Paypal, you could send us a donation to the PO Box.

I was looking over the donations for this year and last year. In this year's fundraiser, there was a single $10 mailed donation. The same was true of last year. The PO Box, meanwhile, costs $90 a year. As much as it'll be a pain to people who don't want to use Paypal to donate, I don't think paying $90 to accept $10 in donations is a good strategy. (I'm going to need to pay additional for domain name privacy, but that's only $5 a year.)

I'll be letting the PO Box expire (in August). This will let us reduce the fundraiser amounts by even more and stretch the funds we've already raised even further. In fact, if I don't renew the PO Box, we'll have enough funds to pay through December 2019.

Does anyone object to getting rid of the PO Box and going to only Paypal donations?