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218219, Defenders of Shadow and Light: Ghost Thief
Posted by KJT, Mon Jul-23-18 10:55 AM
Hey, Jason how's Volume 2 coming?

I googled but as you probably are aware, there are many Jason Levine's in this world. I didn't have time to go through "136,000" results. :7

218220, RE: Defenders of Shadow and Light: Ghost Thief
Posted by therube, Mon Jul-23-18 03:22 PM
(Oh, that is "our" Jason. Hadn't realized he was an author too. :-).)

I think this should answer you,
218233, RE: Defenders of Shadow and Light: Ghost Thief
Posted by jasonlevine, Tue Aug-14-18 04:04 PM
Yup. I used to write a lot in high school/college, but stupidly gave it up when I got a rejection letter. I took it back up when my youngest son declared that he was writing a book. Incidentally, he not only was my "alpha reader", but has an illustration in my book. He's also recently bought himself a Chromebook using saved birthday/Chanukah money so he can better write his stories. He's really a chip off the old block story-writing-wise - he'll often complain that he has too many ideas for stories and not enough time to write them. I know the feeling.
218232, RE: Defenders of Shadow and Light: Ghost Thief
Posted by jasonlevine, Tue Aug-14-18 04:01 PM
I hit a bit of a snag with Volume 2. The story is almost entirely written, but I'm not sure how happy I am with it. I was taking a little time off writing it and focusing on a series of short stories/novellas before diving back in.

These short stories actually came from inspiration I got from a Reddit group called Writing Prompts. They give ideas and people write short stories based on the ideas. The prompt was about a new trend sweeping kids today, summoning demons and then leaving before they arrive. It's called "Ding Dong Demon Ditch." So I wrote a story from the point of view of a demon who was ditched. ( There's a purpose behind these Here\'s the story.)

I wasn't completely satisfied with the ending and felt like there was more there. Finally, I figured out a series of stories with the same characters - even expanding the world more. I'm going to release these for free to help people get to know me as an author. Let's be honest, there are tons of other authors out there and if you didn't know me there's no real reason for you to buy my book. However, if you could read a bunch of short stories that I wrote and liked them, you might actually buy the full length books that I wrote as well.

The first story (Demon Investigations: Sound Quality) is done and I'm just waiting on some cover art before I publish it. The second story is underway with about four more mapped out.

I will get back to Ghost Thief though. I promise.