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Posted by dtellier, Thu Nov-29-18 03:15 AM
I hope this isn't too far off topic for the Off Topic Lounge..

I think my home is too dry in these winter months. I have two types of humidity gauges; one is the type you use in a cigar humidor, the other is part of an indoor-outdoor weather station.

The humidor type reads 44% (absolute?), while the weather station one reads 33% (relative?). What are they telling me in regard to comfort? Thanks.

First of all, I doubt there is ANY topic too far off for the Off Topic Lounge. That is the purpose for the lounge.

Now, on to your question. Try reading through this Wikipedia listing to explain the terms. I can't determine what the two gauges you refer to are displaying as you would need to go to the manufacturer for information regarding what they were intending to show. The relationship between absolute humidity levels and the current temperature will affect your comfort level, and is the reason for relative humidity levels to be listed in weather information charts, etc. Hope the link shown helps in your quest.


Edited to correct link.