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Topic subjectJust checking in to say hi!
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218280, Just checking in to say hi!
Posted by Red Squirrel, Tue Dec-04-18 06:44 PM
Just realized it's been like 9 years since I last posted, which was just to check in... time flies.

I'm sure some of the old timers remember me. ;) I was just a typical tempermental teenager back in PC911 days and took things too far with trolling etc... won't go there, and I've changed.

Sad to see things have slown down, but nice to see the site is still up and operating at the very least. Hope everyone is well.

As for me, a lot has changed since the early days. Been in my house for close to 10 years now, and at my job for a bit more than 10 years. Crazy how time flies though. I was probably like 12-15ish? in the early days and I'm 32 now. Getting old.

Actually it's crazy to consider how technology has changed since, too. I remember being excited about getting a family computer, was a Pentium 3 with Windows 98 and we had dialup internet. Years later ADSL came out and I was super excited for that. Then a few years ago FTTH came out. My connection is actually about 1000x faster than it was when I first got a computer. From 50KBps to 50MBps. Quite something.

Now I work in the same building that all the equipment is in, I remember going in there as a kid for a tour and being amazed at how complex it was, and now I actually understand how it works... somewhat. :P

Anyway just thought I'd drop by to say hi!