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Posted by jasonlevine, Tue Dec-04-18 09:17 PM
I remember you. Good to see you back.

Yup. the forum's still around even if it has slowed down traffic-wise.

I'm constantly amazed by how far we've come with technology. When I was a kid, we got our first computer: a 286 with 1MB of RAM and a HUGE 40 MEGAbyte hard drive. I recall thinking that there was no way we'd EVER fill up a drive that big.

Now, about 30 years later, I carry around a smartphone that is orders of magnitude more powerful and has a ton more storage. What's more, I can buy a microSD card the size of my fingernail that holds 800 times what my old computer held. All for under $10.

It all makes me wonder just what kinds of computer technology my kids' kids will grow up with. I look forward to dumbfounding my eventual grandkids with tales of how you actually needed to touch the computer instead of relying on psychic interfaces and brain implant chips.